Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

4515 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103
Facebook: LMMCleveland
Twitter: LMMCleveland

SERVES: Oppressed, forgotten and hurting

SERVICE AREA: Cuyahoga, Lorain Counties

MISSION: To promote shalom (peace, wellbeing) and justice (right relationships)
through a Christian ministry of service and advocacy with those who are oppressed, forgotten and hurting.

PROGRAMS: Areas of Service: Housing & Shelter, Workforce Development, and Health & Wellness Services. LMM serves through advocacy, convening and programs. LMM serves with: people who are homeless; youth who are at-risk; older adults who are vulnerable; people impacted by the criminal justice system; and individuals with behavioral health needs. Community impact in 2016:
• 8,272 people served and 3,584 volunteers engaged
• 572,020 pounds of food prepared for people who are homeless
• 99.5 % of re-entry participants stayed out of the criminal justice system
• 842 people accessed health care
• 3,793 homeless adults and youth received shelter